Ramps & Lifts

Wooden Ramps

Wooden ramps are a great addition to any residential home for individuals with physical disabilities that use wheelchairs, walkers or scooters. They are constructed with pressure treated wood and can be permanently or temporarily installed to the home.

The American Disability Act (ADA) states that to make the ramps safe and secure the ratio of any ramp should be a minimum of 1:12.  That means for every 1 inch rise there must be a 12 inches of run. The width of the ramps should be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters. Additionally, handrails are also a great addition, and should be installed between 30 and 38 inches above the access ramp surface.


Portable Ramps

We have many options available in our Products & Catalog page- check it out.


Stair Lifts: Platform Lifts

Platform lift is typically installed over existing stairways so consideration needs to be given to the available head space as the platform rises.  The width of the stairway needs to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Platform lifts are much easier to install and less expensive if the stairs are a straight run to the upper level

Stair Lifts: Chair Lifts

Chair lifts consist of a seat that rises up and down a track which is mounted along the wall. It allows an individual to transfer from the first floor to the second floor safely on a gliding chair attached to a mounted track.