Natale Company & SafetyCare is a fully licensed Construction Contractor specializing in residential, commericial and instituational accessible projects.  We make your home, business or facility safe and accessible for seniors, handicapped and the public usage. 

In-Home Delivery Installation

Natale Company & SafetyCare's unique approach to healthcare spans from our in-home delivery, installation, and servicing of your durable medical equipment at your convenience. Our extensive inventory of products enables us to complete your project in just a few short days after you contact us. We not only install and assemble the products at your site, but also accommodate most additional requests while on site with our fully equipped trucks. All our pricing includeds delivery and installation fees. 

Some of the more popular items include grab bars, handrails, raised toilet seats and shower chairs. We are even able to install grab bars in most fiberglass shower units. Safety is our key concern and our grab bars are always installed directly into the wood studs.

Repair Services

When existing equipment needs to be serviced or fixed we are there to help you out. We can repair brakes, batteries, and/or wheels on most rollators, wheelchairs, scooters as well as remotes on lift chairs - even if you did not purchase the product originally from us.